Landscape Maintenance

Sisson Landscapes has a dedicated landscape maintenance division, providing on-going support to help protect, nurture, and maintain your new landscape.

Our maintenance staff are trained landscape professionals who conduct themselves in a respectful and courteous manner. They will show up at your site wearing clean uniforms, perform their work in an efficient manner, and ensure your property is spotless when they leave. All our workers are legal residents, and most have worked with us for a very long time. Our friendly crew foremen are bilingual, and can address any questions you may have on site. We also keep a a full-time mechanic on staff, who ensures the safe operation of all our trucks, tools, and equipment.

We provide a wide array of landscape maintenance services on an annual contract basis, including:

Garden Maintenance

Our crews will weed and edge your planting beds as needed, and prune your shrubs, fruit trees, ornamental trees, and climbing plants. We provide hedge trimming, leaf & debris removal, and perennial maintenance –(fertilizing, weeding, and seasonal trimming). If you have a problem spot we can amend poor soils, and we also provide pest identification and management, with pesticide application (only when necessary), by certified professional applicators.

Lawn Care:

Our lawn care services include sod installation, turf renovation, lawn mowing, weed control, core aeration, and fertilization. We can employ both conventional and organic lawn care techniques.

Tree Care:

Sisson has a certified arborist on staff, and we can help identify and fix issues with your existing trees. In addition to spraying, we also offer the Arbor Systems Direct injection system, a cutting edge method of tree innoculation, which provides maximum support while protecting both your tree and the environment. We also provide tree trimming, tree removal, and stump grinding.

Irrigation Maintenance:

Our crews install irrigation systems on a regular basis, and will provide ongoing maintenance for your system. We’ll activate your irrigation system for you in the Spring, and repair or replace any damaged hardware or irrigation lines. We maintain a proper watering cycle for all your irrigation zones, and can install new zones when needed. Lastly, we will winterize your entire system in the fall.

Snow Removal:

Landscape companies typically provide snow removal services in the wintertime. We can plow & shovel your driveways/walkways, remove snow from fragile plantings, and provide ice melt applications when needed.

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