Landscape Installation

No two landscapes are alike, and neither are landscape companies. Our designers work hard to ensure that each design is unique, that it is sensitive to your needs, and that the choices made are appropriate to both your personal style, and the architectural character of your home. However, a great design is only as good as the quality of work performed, and whether it is the careful installation of trees and shrubs, or the thoughtful execution of masonry work, our installation crews take pride in ensuring that the work performed meets or exceeds industry best practices. Landscapes do require periodic attention however, and whether it is pruning a shrub to ensure proper adult growth, or trimming a tree to ensure healthy branch structure- the advantage of working with Sisson is that we provide on-going landscape maintenance, in contrast to other companies who may simply install your project, and then move on. We value our on-going relationships with our customers, and we’ll be there for you when you need us.

As a full service design/build company, and our range of installation services includes:

Landscape Plantings:

From simple plantings to large scale tree-spade work, our landscape technicians ensure your plantings are handled and installed with care. View some examples of our work.

Masonry Work:

Our masonry crews install flagstone patios & steps, paver patios, stone retaining walls, drystack walls, fire pits, and basically anything else your project may require. Browse masonry portfolio.

Driveway Installation:

Driveway need replacing? Consider an environmentally friendly pervious system such as cobblestone or concrete pavers. See some examples.

Landscape Lighting:

It’s important that your landscape looks good year round, but few remember to consider how it looks at night. Carefully considered lighting can transform your landscape in the evenings, and pathway lights provide extra safety for your steps and walkways.

Landscape Irrigation:

Irrigation systems have become much more affordable, and installing irrigation is the best way to protect your investment, and reduce the amount of time needed to maintain your landscape.

Garden Accessories:

The perfect container, sitting area, bench, or other garden ornament can serve nicely to put the final polish on your landscape design. Take a look at some of our container designs.

Arbors & Pergolas:

Garden structures such as arbors and pergolas offer a great opportunity to add height, definition, and shade to a garden space. Sitting under a beautiful vine-covered pergola is one of the quintessential garden experiences…

Fences & Gates:

Sisson can provide privacy fencing, deer fencing, lattice fences, picket fences, gates, or any other enclosure that may be required. View examples.

Pathways & Steppers:

A natural stone pathway can be an affordable option to masonry work, and the use of large natural stepping stones offers an attractive way to address changes in grade.

Water Features:

A burbling fountain or natural stone waterfall adds life and energy to your landscape, and can often serve to mask unwanted noises. We can provide stunning cast-iron or cast stone fountains, beautiful custom built waterfalls, naturalistic ponds and streams, or simply install a low-maintenance water feature such as a wall fountain, or a ‘pondless’ fountain. View some samples.

Swimming Pools:

Adding a swimming pool is a big project, one that involves extensive utilities, excavation, and masonry work. Making the proper design choices ahead of time can save you a lot of trouble and expense, and ensure you receive a pool that truly integrates with your landscape.

Stormwater Management:

Whether is it simply sinking a few downspouts, or installing a low-impact design solution such as a bio-swale, rain-garden, or rainwater harvesting system, Sisson Landscapes’ staff are trained in Sustainable Design techniques: View examples.

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