Flower Rotations

One of the reasons gardeners choose to add annual flowers to their landscape (as opposed to perennials) is that they typically have a very long bloom time, and add color throughout the season. Annuals are frequently used in containers or as bedding plants, and can help bridge the transition between the blooming periods of spring and summer perennials. For many avid gardeners the ritual of setting out annual flowers has become a comforting rite of spring- however it does add yet one more chore to the laundry list of many required by a well maintained landscape. Sisson can help!

Along with our landscape maintenance services, we provide annual flower rotations to help reduce your workload, and keep your landscape looking beautiful.

In the spring and fall, cool-season annuals are typically chosen, such as Violas, Pansies, Primrose, and Calendula. In the summer, warm-season annuals are planted, such as Impatiens, Marigolds, and Zinnias. There is an ever expanding list of cultivars and varieties, and our maintenance manager can help you make the appropriate choices for your landscape.

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